New goodies video

Russ Douglas poped into the shop yesterday , shoved a camera in my face and [...]

Hw100BP, Walther Reign and Other New Stuff

Lloyd looks at the new Walther Reign , the Hw100 bullpup and some nice stocks. [...]

Huma Silencer or Weihrauch, Huggett and Custom Carbon

Very quick video on the new Huma modular silencer and comparison with the Weihrauch, the [...]

Our New Air Rifle of the Year Awards 2018

It took a while but finally, we have decided what our new air rifles of [...]

Gamo MP9, Crosman MTR77NP, Dan Wesson 715 and the FX Streamline

Is the FX streamline sorted, can Gamo make awesome fun guns. Is the 715 the [...]