We hope the information below answers your enquiry. Please make this your first stop with your enquiry and see if you find your answer here. If not, then please contact us using the contact details.

General Shop and Website FAQs

Lloyd, who answers the e-mails also has many other duties in the shop, he will answer usually in 1-2 days , but if you have an urgent request you are better ringing the shop, especially if it is an order related query.

We are closed on Monday and Tuesday, we have to go shooting sometime!

9.00-5.00 Wednesday to Saturday, we are closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. We also close every bank holiday.

We are happy to help if you are going to ,or have become a customer but we don’t appreciate people buying from discount merchants who know nothing then use us to find out everything they should have told you. We employ extra staff to keep our service levels high, these staff have to be paid, so if you use us for advice, please remember to support us in return.

Yes we do. This usually this works by contacting us first with a description of your gun, we will give you a guide price. If you are interested and want to do a deal you will need to bring or send the gun to us. Usually by courier or Parcel Force. We will then give you an exact valuation . If you don’t agree with the valuation , we will send the gun back at your cost. Note that is very rare that people are not happy with our valuations. Sometimes a rifle is not in the condition described, sometimes they are not in full working order when they arrive, etc. We take pride in offering a good part exchange deal.

Sorry but no, if we did this for every enquiry, we wouldn’t have time to run our business. We will try to keep the online listings up to date, and we are happy to answer any particular requests such as” Have you a secondhand Daystate or equivalent in stock ?”.

Yes we do, try and give us part numbers if you can to avoid wrong parts being sent. Some parts will have to be ordered from the manufacturer, we will dispatch them as soon as they arrive.

Yes, we have an excellent gunsmith who can repair most airguns as long as he can get the parts. Don’t just send your gun though, contact us first, with the make and model of gun and description of the problem . We will then ask our gunsmith to comment on possibility and cost of repair.

Impossible to say without seeing it, so we don’t give valuations over the phone or e-mail sorry.

General Ordering FAQs

Your credit card will automatically be charged on placing your order . If the goods are out of stock we will contact you and give you the option of refunding your card until the goods come back into stock unless stock is due in shortly.

This is a very rare occurrence. Most times this happens because you have input your email address incorrectly. Every online order generates an automatic order confirmation. If you do not receive one, please contact us to confirm we have received your order.

Contact us first, by phone or e-mail stating the problem you are having. We will then advise on the course of action. Generally this will involve returning the item to us with a letter of explanation, your address and contact phone number. We will replace or repair at our discretion. Some suppliers will ask us to return the faulty item to them for analysis /repair. Please be patient, we will work as quickly as we can to resolve the issue.

We will endeavour to match any quoted price from a legitimate website who holds stock of the item. We want your business, but we will check the details supplied first before price matching. If you want us to match a price we must know who is offering this price and have a link to their webpage.

We accept cheques in pounds sterling only.
We do not ship orders COD (cash on delivery).
We do not take payment in any currency apart from Pounds Sterling, Euros or Dollars. We are charged by our bank to change currency, this will be reflected in the value equivalent in pounds.
We do accept Paypal. When you place your order we will send you a payment request, usually the same day if placed before 12pm or the next day if placed after 12pm.

Yes, many of our worldwide customers pay by transfer. We are charged £6 by our bank, though. Any purchase under £200 you will have to add the bank transfer charge. Order value over £200 we can afford to absorb this bank charge so you will not need to pay it.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, just place your online order as usual and we will contact you with the information you will need to make the transfer.

We are sorry, due to the nature of the goods we supply we send every order on a Signed For service. Royal Mail and our couriers will not delivery a package on a Signed For service to a PO Box, so we cannot do it. The only exception to this is for BFPO (British Forces Post Office).

Export Order FAQs

You can either ask us to quote for postage before placing your order , or we will email you once your order has been placed with a postage quote before dispatch. You will then need to agree to the postage charges before we dispatch your order

Simple answer, no . not at all, under any circumstances. Sorry, but we do not break the law, so please don’t ask.

If you need to pay by bank transfer, just place your order online as normal, making sure you gives us your email address. When we receive your order, we will contact you with all the details you will need to make a bank transfer to us.
We are charged £6 by our bank to receive a bank transfer from you. Any purchase under £200 you will have to add the bank transfer charge. Order value over £200 we can afford to absorb this bank charge so you will not need to pay it.
This takes up to 5 working days for us to receive from the day you make the transfer. As soon as the transfer is received, we will process and despatch your order.

Product FAQs

The most common question we are asked, the problem is it’s impossible to answer without more information. We need to know what you want to do , e.g hunting, field target, plinking . A rough idea on budget, whether you want a spring gun or pneumatic etc . Doing a little bit of research first when help us immensely. We simply haven’t got the time to go through everything by e-mail sorry.

The second most common question. Basically .177 for target shooting and either main calibre for hunting. .22 is still more popular for hunting, especially for close range vermin control such as ratting. .25 is only good for close range at 12ft/lb.

Cock the bolt back on the gun before refilling. The rear valve is staying open because the hammer is pressing on it and keeping it open. When the gun is cosked, the hammer is pulled away from the valve allowing it to close. The cylinder will then refill.

The most common reason is the hose and connectors have not been tightened properly when the pump was taken out of the box and connected together. Hand tightening is not good enough.

A very common problem. Most scope blocks or rails are parallel to the bore of the barrel , so line of sight and trajectory never coincide. As scope have a limited degree of adjustment , often it can be insufficient to permit vertical zero adjustment.

There are two solutions: Pack the rear mount between the scope tube and mount with shimming material ( old film negative is most regularly used ) which lifts the back of the scope up giving more elevation adjustment. Note that you want to use as little as possible packing. If its more than 4-5 pieces than option two is buy adjustable mounts such as the B-Square mounts.

A very common cause of zero shift is scope creep. i.e the scope moves within the mounts or the mounts move along the rail . Check the mount screws are tight or upgrade your mounts.

Generally no, extra weight on the barrel reduces muzzle flip from recoil or the rocket effect in a precharged gun. If the muzzle doesn’t lift as much , the gun will shoot slightly lower. If your group sizes are unaffected by the silencer fitting , all is well.

First, make sure the silencer is tight, especially if is on a screw thread. If the baffles can be aligned (such as the Parker Hale silencer) then make sure they are inline with the tool provided. Also check that your groups have not just dropped due to the problem above. Sometimes the silencer is not to blame, we have known screw threaded barrels to not be threaded straight. Trying a different silencer on will test this.

A very broad question, with lots of possible answers:

  • Loose stock screws are very common. Keep them tightened. Dont’ forget to use the correct screwdriver. Gun screws have parallel sided slots, so a gunsmiths screwdriver is a good idea. Over tightening can compress the wood and damage the stock.
  • Loose sights. Either open sights or scopes. We see hundreds of guns with bits hanging off, you need to keep the screws on the scope mounts tight, some people use blue loctite to stop them vibrating loose.
  • Pellets. Try another brand, even the best pellets can have a bad batch. The best or most expensive pellets are not necessarily the best for your gun, but cheap pellets usually are false economy, leading to poor accuracy and fouling problems. We recommend H&N, RWS, Crosman and Eley pellets as the best. We will recommend a certain pellet for a particular gun if you have bought the gun from us.
  • Dirty barrel. Airguns do foul their barrels, by a build up of small particles of lead and lubricants in the rifling. We recommend using either the Bisly rod kit or the Logun pull through kit , approximately after every 1000-5000 pellets.
  • Incorrect shooting technique. Yes, you need to know what you are doing to improve accuracy. Don’t expect even the best rifles to shoot themselves, you need to practise, and learn basic shooting techniques to get the best out of your gun. There are lots of articles on the internet and lots of books available, but here are two points that are very important:

    A. Hold your airgun loosely against your shoulder and let it recoil freely when you fire it. Don’t pull it in hard into your shoulder or grip the for-end and don’t rest it on a hard surface. This affects the recoil and has the side effect of scratching your stock. Let it recoil and vibrate freely – don’t try to prevent it.

    B. When you pull the trigger and you feel the recoil cycle of the gun, the pellet is only just starting up the barrel. The firing cycle also known as lock time is quite slow on an airgun, so you need to stay on target for a little longer, in fact I often like to see the impact of my pellet before moving off the sight picture. With a recoilless gun you will start to see the pellet in flight with a bit of practice. This will be a big benefit to your accuracy.

There are lots of other things to consider, such as breathing techniques, your stance and trigger control. Buy a book or do some net research, the info is out there that I can’t cover in detail on here due to time constraints.