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LP Stocks online with WYSIWYG ordering

When Lukasz Parsley’s stocks arrive, they usually go straight out the door to customers who have been patiently waiting for theirs to be made.
This time, we really wanted to order enough so that we could put some on the website for your viewing pleasure. We thought these brand new ‘Fusion’ design stocks deserved to be individually showcased, so each one pictured can be the one you will receive if you order it online. You’re welcome 🙂

Hellboy Tactical Air Rifle in stock

Hellboy Tactical Air Rifle £149.95

Based on the M4 Carbine, this C02-powered semi-auto steel BB-firer is a fun tactical experience.

Magazine capacity: 18 BBs (.177cal steel BBs)

Rear Sight adjustable for windage and elevation (large and small aperture)

Overall Length: Adjustable from 30inches to 33.25inches

Picatinny optics rail.