Airmaks Katrans now in stock

Another day, another fantastic Czech air rifle ! The Airmaks Katran is a superb quality Czech PCP air rifle with a regulator that will make sure every shot is fired with the same amount of pressure, independent of the pressure inside the air cylinder. This makes for very consistent results. The power can be adjusted by externally adjusting the preload of the valve spring. You might not have heard of Airmaks before but I’m pretty sure you will . I’m impressed with the quality and look , the folding stock is great to keep the size of the stored gun down ( mines in a tiny bag, no worrying about the neighbors seeing you leave home with a gun bag. The list of interesting features of the Airmaks Katran is impressively long for an air rifle with such a minimalistic design:

Choked barrel with moderator.

Anti double feed function.

Aluminium folding stock.

Adjustable cheek piece.. Great for adjusting for different height scopes.

Adjustable butt pad with recoil damping rubber. Adjustable to a longer trigger reach for the taller shooter .

Externally adjustable 2-stage trigger.

Weaver/Picatinny scope rail.

Handguard with KeyMod slots for mounting accessories such as a bipod or laser

Ergonomical and textured AR15 grip

The manual safety can be switched from right to left.

Side lever can be switched from right to left.

In stock we have the Katran but we are also expecting the bottle versions shortly. Prices start from £1050.