Air Arms XTi-50 XT is now in production and coming soon.

The Air Arms XTi-50 is a purpose-designed, ultra-high specification, field target competition rifle, capable of championship-winning performance straight out of the box. This rifle is built around a fully regulated action, an infinitely adjustable laminated stock, and a level of componentry never before seen on a field target rifle.
Due to its unique range of adjustment options and unparalleled performance, the XTi-50 comes equipped to dominate the world of field target and hunter field target alike.
Quite simply, there is nothing out there that matches the XTi-50.


•Specially commissioned, fully-floating, match-grade barrel for pinpoint accuracy throughout the charge and under all weather conditions
•Micro-adjustable air-stripper, allowing the
user to fine-tune the pellets’ exit setup for maximum accuracy
•Adjustable mechanical energy absorption device controls internal airflow to further stabilise the rifle as it fires
•Extensive use of titanium for weight
reduction and to promote optimal balance
•Ambidextrous folding spirit level (FT Only)
and wind indicator
•Two thumb position options on the pistol grip
•Pistol grip can be extended if required
•Warp-resistant, all-weather laminate match stock, including button-operated, one-touch, swing-arm hamster, allowing single-handed use whilst holding aim if required
•Fully adjustable and extendable butt hook with the ability to add extra spacers to increase the span and wrap-around of
the top and bottom arms
•Infinitely adjustable cheekpiece for perfect head position and eye-scope alignment
•Quick-release cheekpiece and
butt pad adjustment
•Built to perform at the highest level,
and under all conditions
•Supplied with Negrini Rifle Case

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