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We are delighted to finally offer these quality custom stocks from Ginb on our website. This part of our website is WYSIWYG - every stock pictured for sale is the EXACT stock you will receive.
The two oriental woods offered are -
Teak Doreng the lighter coloured wood choice. Featuring nice figuring, the small trunk of this tree makes it impractical for furniture making but perfect for stocks, especially as it is the same weight as the familiar beech wood.
Sono Kembang This wood is dark and tough. It is normally used to make sculptures and objects. When given an oil finish, this wood takes on a beautiful deep and lustrous quality - something different for the air rifle connosseur!
These stocks are supplied with a smooth sanded finish but with no oil or varnish treatment. This means you can finish your stock with your chosen method. We recommend an oil finish for an easy to acheive, natural lustre which can be easily maintained.

CCL Traditional Gunstock Oil Finishing Kit

This kit comprises all the ingredients required to produce the traditional English hand rubbed oil finish. The Kit can be used to either improve an existing oil finish or to produce an entirely new oil finish on both new unfinished wood or for restoring old used gun and rifle stocks.
The CCL Kit consists of FOUR items -
CCL Gunstock Cleaning & Polishing Compound (50ml bottle) is used for preparing the surface of the wood before applying the oil and for honing the surfaces between the dried coats.
A small sheet of fine abrasive paper
CCL Red Root Oil (50ml bottle) for sealing the grain, enhancing the figure and producing the finish together with the
CCL Hardener (50ml) for drying the oil in the wood to produce a hard weather proof and deep sheen to the surface.

Full instructions included - in English, German, French, Spanish

CCL Gunstock Conditioning Oil

A specially blended preparation to restore the sheen to existing oil finishes or to add an extra shine to the surface of the traditional hand-rubbed oil finish.

It can also be used to produce an entirely new oil finish of a natural colour.

One or two applications of this oil palmed into the stock during a shooting season, or before a gun is stored away for the close season, will keep the wood weather-proofed and the original oil finish looking fine.

New stocks oil finished in the traditional way can be improved still further by an application of this product to give a beautiful surface sheen to the wood.

This oil is specially recommended for use after oil finishing with the CCL Traditional Gunstock Finishing Kit.


Available in two sizes - 

50ml Bottle supplied with full instructions for use
250ml Bottle supplied with full instructions for use

Instructions provided in English, German, French & Spanish


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