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The alternative to a diving bottle. Once purchased you have a free source of air. You will not be reliant on travelling to a diving shop to refill your bottle, saving you time and money. All pumps come with built in water trap and are very simple to use. The only disadvantage is they require physical effort so not recommended for the infirm, weak of heart or lazy. We are now stocking the Hills pump which is British made and of exceptional quality. The only pump recommended by Daystate

Theoben Weihrauch HE Gas Ram Pump

Theoben / Weihrauch Gas Ram Charging Pump (Slim Jim)

Complete kit for adjusting your Gas Ram pressure. Suitable for both HE and non HE Gas Rams.

Brand new design featuring Gas Ram Adaptor with quick detach kit for ease of operation.

Use in conjuction with a good quality chronograph to ensure the power level stays within the legal limit for your country.

Kit Contents:

  • Slim Jim Hand Pump
  • 350mm Microbore Hose
  • 2 Part Gas Ram Adaptor
  • Quick Detach Fittings
  • Spare O Rings
  • Instructions


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Theoben Weihrauch HE Gas Ram Pump

Theoben Weihrauch HE Gas Ram Pump.


Webley Accupump


  • PCP Hand Pump
  • Max Pressure 310 BAR or 4500psi
  • Webley Tri-Filter System
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Guage
  • Folding Base Plate
  • Supplied with spares kit for maintenance


The Webley Accupump comes ready assembled and only requires the connector supplied with your gun to be attached to the hose connections.

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Webley Accupump



Webley Tri-pump

Three -stage pump design is 30% more efficient than traditional hand pumps delivers air to your gun on both the downward and upward stroke!
Manufactured from high-grade materials using advanced CNC technology.
Maximum 250 bar fill pressure.
Ergonomically designed handle with synthetic cover.
Simple lock closed device to keep your pump in the closed position during transit.
Built-in, easy-access moisture trap embedded in the handle which captures the moisture and protects both your pump & air rifle against corrosion. No inconvenient and expensive dry packs required!
Built-in, easy-access particle filter embedded in the handle which traps dust & dirt particles and protects your pump & air rifle.
Accessories compartment in the handle for storage of spare parts and O-rings for the pump or your gun.
Built-in precision pressure gauge embedded in the frame which, unlike other models, protects it from external impacts.
Specialist design wide foot plate with adjustable ergonomic pumping angle.


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Webley Tri-pump



The Hills Pump Mk3
  • New Mk3 Version

Latest 3rd Generation Design features.
1. Less Effort, we have made the 3rd Gen Hill pump much easier to pump.
2. High Volume, we have kept the highest volume output so less pumping.
3. Field Service, you can strip the pump in the field in less than 5 mins.
4. Lifetime warranty, each pump carries a limited lifetime warranty.
5. Using the Patented, Hill Dry Pack gives 90% Dry Air, great for your gun.

Pump comes with hose with 1/8" bsp connection. Some air guns may require additional adaptors.
Dry Air Pack System can easily be added later..

The hose supplied has a 1/8bsp female thread. This hose will fit most rifle charging adaptors except for high capacity buddy bottles found on Theoben Rapid, BSA Superten, Logun S-16 and Gunpower rifles.
All of these buddy bottles require an additional adaptor to charge from the stirrup pump hose.
Please Note. Gunpower rifles also require the Gunpower charging adaptor to charge the bottle from the stirrup pump hose.

PLEASE NOTE  Description on photo will be updated shortly.

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The Hills Pump Mk3

Mk3 Hills pump. 149.95.  OUT OF STOCK.


Hills Pump Dry-Pac Moisture Filter

The Hills DRY-PAC moisture removal system is a ground breaking innovation from the manufacturers of the highly successful airgun charging pump.
An easy to fit after-market option, the Hills Dry-Pac System answers popular concerns about moisture and hand pumps.
Unique to the market, the Hill Dry-Pac System is a patented method of actively removing moisture utilising specially formulated sintered filters. The Hill Dry-Pac has undergone lengthy and rigorous scientific testing under laboratory conditions and will effectively remove up to 90% of the moisture content prior to charging your PCP.
This filter is only compatible with the Hills Pump.

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Hills Pump Dry-Pac Moisture Filter

Retro-fit moisture filter.

Hills Pump Dry-Pac Moisture Filter

Replacement pack of moisture filter granules.


FX Four stage pump

Same quality as the Fx 3 stage pump but with the added benefit of a unique gearing system . This allows the user to "change gear" depending on whether they want high volume ( with lower pressure) or high pressure ( with lower volume) This enables the user to fill their gun rapidly ( with over 300cc of air per stroke) then change down by simply turning the adjustment dial on the top of the pump to give 200cc per stroke but with less effort, this allows you to reach the recommended fill pressure with ease.

Built in moisture trap and replaceable particle filter

Comes with a 0.5metre kevlar hose with a female 1/8th thread which allows fitting of most gun charging adaptors.

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FX Four stage pump

4 stage pump


FX Three stage pump

When FX invented the multi-stage pump in 1993 it was years ahead of its time. THe modern day three-stage FX pump has built on that creation , providing a hand pump which is 30% more efficient than any other pump on the market.

Features an in-built moisture trap , pressure gauge , particle filter and bleed valve.

Connection:  Kevlar hose with 1/8th female thread.

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FX Three stage pump

3 stage pump. 


Buddy Bottle To Fit Onto 1/8inch Hose


If you have a stirrup pump or divers bottle fitted with a 1/8inch hose, this adaptor will convert the thread to a 1/4" which is suitable for filling most buddy bottles ( BSA superten, Theoben rapid 7/ MFR? Mk2 etc, RWS500 series)

Comes complete with built in washer to prevent leaks when filling.


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Buddy Bottle To Fit Onto 1/8inch Hose

1/4inch - 1/8inch Adaptor .



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